Step 1: Ground yourself every day

You can use this grounding meditation. Once you learn how to do this on your own, you can simply remind yourself to connect with the earth several times a day.

Step 2: Raise your vibrations

Once you are grounded, just like a tree is firmly rooted, you can then grow toward the light! Cleansing your chakras and auras will help you elevate your energy and become a crystal clear conduit for spiritual guidance. You can use this five minute energy cleanse every day.


To deepen your chakra healing & energetic immunity...

If you would like a deeper energy attunement, I highly recommend my Daily Chakra Healing, which also comes with a bonus audio to help you heal your fears about being psychic.

I use this chakra cleanse every day to keep me happy, healthy, and intuitively inspired. 

Oh, the intensity. There’s a combination of feeling that things won’t change fast enough, yet they’re too much to keep up with.⁠

Step 3: Access your body’s wisdom

All of your answers are within you. That’s why it’s important to know how to tune into your body to receive intuitive guidance. This skill will completely revolutionize your life.

You can tap into your body’s messages for answers to questions large or small. You can use this audio to guide you through the process. Once you learn the technique, you can practice on your own!

Step 4: Connect with your Spirit Guides

You have a team of divine helpers who are assisting you on every step of your journey. Like any relationship, the more you connect with, the more fulfilling your experience will be. Your Spirit Guides communicate with you through thoughts, feelings, synchronicities, and your imagination. Yet, you can call upon them any time you need assistance and they will show you a sign!

Step 5: Call in your angels

If you need to feel uplifted or loved, angels are your go-to helpers. As a lightworker, it’s important to connect with your angels to help you stay positive and keep you from taking on other people’s energy. If you need a little lift, you can use this audio to connect with your angelic team.


Calling in Your Abundance Angels - 28 Days of Miracles

If you would like to deepen your relationship with the archangels to truly transform your life, you can access Calling in Your Abundance Angels – 28 Days of Miracles. This program has helped tens of thousands of people around the world and I’m always amazed at the miraculous results. It’s truly heaven sent!

Step 6: Ask your Higher Self for divine guidance

Your Higher Self is the conduit between your consciousness and your soul. If you want to access information about your destiny or soul’s purpose, just ask! One of the best ways to receive information is to write a letter from your Higher Self to yourself. You can use this guide to help you through the process. You will be amazed!

Kari Samuels Intuitive Counselor, Happiness Coach, Numerologist, & Energy Healer

Kari is an Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach who helps people align with their soul’s purpose and reclaim their intuitive gifts . She utilizes the unique spiritual blueprint encoded in your name and birth date to to heal your past, tune into your present, and decipher your destiny.

Kari reads your personal numerology profile as a portal into your soul’s plan, illuminating your purpose, while shedding light on the specific beliefs and experiences that are blocking you from abundance. It is her joy to use her gifts to help you discover yours!