Numerology Guide


Numerology Guide

In this life-changing guide, you'll discover what your birth-date reveals about your life purpose, relationships, happiness and success.

Plus, find out what those repeating numbers you always see are all about, your home numerology and more...


Nothing in the Universe is Random

You were born with a purpose - it’s time to embrace it.

And your soul wants MORE.


The Numerology Guide to a Happy Life

This exclusive complimentary guide will reveal your:

  • Soul’s blueprint as revealed in your birth numbers
  • Home’s unique personality based on your address
  • Relationship compatibility for romance, career, and more

Plus, I’m going to share exactly what the divine messages of 1111, 333, 444, and repeating numbers mean (in plain English!). 

And, if you’ve tried to understand numerology before – you haven’t learned from me. I share my knowledge in a totally unique way that is fun, accessible, actionable, and thorough

I believe that ANYONE can learn and incorporate numerology into their lives and relationships with the right guidance.  

Meet Your Guide

Growing up; I never knew that I was psychic. I wasn’t one of those children who was awakened by departed relatives at the foot of my bed, saw angels flying, or had prophetic dreams. Yet, by no means was I “normal.” I have always had a love of mysticism and spent most of my time thinking about past lives, parallel universes, and God.

Fast forward to adulthood, circa 1995. Someone handed me a book about palmistry. When a co-worker saw me reading it she asked that I give her a reading. No way did I want to do that!

I had just read a few chapters – I didn’t know how to read palms. She insisted. So…I started telling her things about her love life, health, family, and her tangled emotions and gave her advice on how she can be happier. It seemed very logical to me.

I looked up from her hand to see the stunned look on her face. “How do you know these things? They’re such personal details.” I giggled in embarrassment. It’s science, I thought. Just reading the lines on her hand. This experience launched a life-long passion that has been such a gift – both to myself and my clients.

And I want to help you, too. Because you can have an incredible life.

I’ll show you how.

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