Life Path Illuminations

Release yourself from karmic patterns so you can
live the life your soul intended

Life Path Illuminations

You are born with an inner blueprint.
All you need to do is tune into it...

You are a luminous being of infinite potential.

Before you are born, your soul charts a course for your spiritual lessons and opportunities. Your life purpose is for you to overcome your fears and karmic patterns and by doing so, enhance your strengths and talents so you can be a light for others and share your gifts.

The Sun, Moon, planets and stars all align at the time of your birth to support you on your journey.

As you harmonize with the Universal Energies, and Attune to your Higher Self, you can fully express your passions and purpose, while experiencing more ease and joy.

Life Path Illuminations

Life Path Illuminations

Life Path Illuminations are healing attunements that have been created FOR YOUR PERSONAL NUMEROLOGY to heal the specific limiting beliefs associated with your Life Path Number, which is derived from your birth date.

Healing attunements so personal you'll feel like they're created just for you!
Because they are...

Life Path Illuminations

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Your birth date is a map of your destiny


Life Path Illuminations

Your birth date reveals insights into your gifts and opportunities, as well as the specific subconscious patterns you have brought into this lifetime.


Your past life memories are encoded in your subconscious

Every experience you have had, including childhood and past life traumas, are embedded in the inner recesses of your subconscious mind. These limiting beliefs are lying dormant in your energy field, attracting events and circumstances that trigger your traumatic memories, and keep you stuck in negative circumstances.

If you want to change your life, you need to transform your beliefs at the source...your subconscious mind.

Are you living in the shadows?

Your subconscious beliefs can keep you stuck in negative circumstances.

Your life path number also has a LIGHT side.
As you overcome your subconscious fears and limiting beliefs, those very areas that were once challenging for you now become your strengths!

When you are living in the highest vibration of your life path, opportunities abound.
Your health, career, love life, and finances can be blissful and abundant.

Step out of the shadows and into the light!

Life Path Illuminations


When you are liberated from subconscious programming, you can confidently pursue your highest potential, and freely express your soul’s gifts.


Your personalized healing attunements will reprogram your subconscious with life-affirming beliefs so you can step into your power, and attract positive people and circumstances.


You can clearly and confidently fulfill your highest potential. You will make more self-nourishing choices, and be empowered to live the life your soul intended.


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Entrain Your Brain for Success

You can easily and effortlessly reprogram your subconscious mind! You can change your life by simply listening.


$147 $111

Here's What You Will Receive:

Healing doesn't have to be hard.
Change your life in less than 15 minutes a day.
You just need to listen.

Healing Audio #1

Life Path Illuminations

Alpha Brainwave Entrainment - Mp3 Audio

13 minutes

To enhance creativity, well being, serotonin, relaxation, and feeling great. You can listen to this audio during work, exercise, and throughout the day. For relaxation, daydreaming states of mind, ease creativity and flow.

Healing Audio #2

Life Path Illuminations

Theta Brainwave Entrainment - Mp3 Audio

15 minutes

Experience pure bliss, deep states of meditation, higher states of consciousness, and transformational spiritual experiences. Theta is the brainwave where you are at during ages 0-6 when you are being imprinted with your belief systems. This healing audio effortless guides you into the theta brainwave, where you can easily reprogram your subconscious. This meditation invites in your guides and celestial support team, for an uplifting divine connection.

Healing Audio #3

Delta Brainwave Entrainment - Mp3 Audio

14 minutes

For deep restful sleep, sweet dreams, and accelerated healing. Easily drift into sleep, and rapidly reprogram your subconscious during your dream time. You will fall asleep with ease and wake up feeling empowered and uplifted.

Healing Audio #4

Everyday Empowerment - MP3 Audio

13 minutes

Music and messages to elevate your consciousness. This audio has sweet gentle background music so you can listen anytime, even while you’re driving, or any time you need to be alert. You can play it in the background for empowering inspiration all day.


Life Path Illuminations

Life Path Prosperity Affirmations - PDF

Printable guidebook includes all 77 healing attunements specific to your personal numerology for your reference and use.


3 Subliminal Healing Audio Mp3s

Subliminal affirmations you can listen all day every day.

Set to soothing nature sounds, you can play these healing audios in the background of any environment.

Your affirmations are embedded in the audios subliminally. They are silent enough to bypass the conscious mind, yet audible to your subconscious and deeper mind. This is a potent way to reprogram your mind while you work, play, sleep, or exercise. PLUS, they will have a positive effect on anyone who experiences them, including your children, spouse, and even your pets.

Transform your limiting beliefs into your strengths.
You can truly live your soul's purpose.

$147 $111


Illuminate your chakras for success

Life Path Illuminations

You are absorbing energy from your environment and other people every day. When your aura picks up negative energy, if you don’t cleanse your chakras, your life can become stagnant and you can feel stuck.
Your personalized Life Path healing attunements are designed to strengthen your chakras, and infuse your aura with divine life force energy.

You will illuminate your inner world while expanding your outer world.

Your Life Path Illuminations
will nourish, balance, and harmonize your chakras so you can experience:

Life Path Illuminations

Are you ready to step into the light?

Life Path Illuminations

About Kari Samuels

Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach

As a psychic, numerologist, and energy healer, in my 20+ years of doing thousands of intuitive readings for people, I discovered that each of the life paths all had specific karmic patterns buried in their subconscious.

That’s why I created these Life Path Illuminations.

These healing attunements are charged with the frequency of love, creating the energetic template for your greatest self – raising your vibration to match the words so you are in total alignment with their energy.

This creates a magnetic blueprint that not only reprograms your brain, it recalibrates your energy, so you ATTRACT what is in alignment with your soul’s purpose and heart’s desires.

What people are saying

From Worry Wart to Sleeping Like A Baby

First of All let me start off by saying I love Kari. Without knowing it she has been helping me for years through her different programs. All her programs are amazing, but I have to admit her new program is by far my favorite. It's impact was huge!

The first couple of weeks using my personal Life Path Illuminations my life has improved. I was able to be more at peace and gained a higher connection to Divine.

Using Kari’s recordings, "Meditation, Creativity, and my favorite Sleep Meditation", boosted my life.

Her Sweet Dreams audio took away nightmares I was having. Results... more productive rest.

That peace has led to many benefits that has occurred in my Life. I have been able to let go of worrying which led to a clearer mind. The clarity produced focused and I have been able to do goals I have been procrastinating with for a while now.

I got my first endorsement and working on landing my first client. I am very excited! I Thank Kari for helping me reach a higher level of Spiritual Growth to enhance my Future.

Trust me it won't disappoint.. buy this program. If you are looking for peace and a higher spiritual connection you have found a key.

Quiana F. Manhattan, NY USA

Kari has magical powers.

All her offerings are divine, yet the Life Path Illuminations are beyond! The affirmations feel like they are touching my soul. I can feel the energy of each attunement, so so powerful. Kari’s voice is uplifting, soothing and brings me pure joy every time I listen.

Melanie Bundock

Life Path Illuminations

All 3 of my kids ask for it every night!

I wanted to tell you how much my husband and I have been enjoying the Life Path Illuminations! We have been listening to them ourselves, but we have also been playing them for our kids.

I have played them when their energy seems to be really high and there is a lot of drama. Several times it has calmed them down and totally changed the vibration in our house!

Usually all three of my children fall asleep during the meditation. That is a huge improvement for them. In the past it has taken upwards of an hour before the younger two would finally fall asleep. All 3 of my kids ask for it every night!

Becky Wolford

It's astounding how spot on my Life Path Illuminations felt for me!

It's astounding how spot on my Life Path Illuminations felt for me. It was as if Kari read my mind! I could sense the intention and energy behind each one as I read them aloud. I could feel Kari's wisdom and love coming through the words to help me hold a container for manifestation and healing at my Life Path frequency. Without a doubt I am going to incorporate reading my Life Path Abundance Affirmations into my morning practice so I can start my day with these positive, powerful manifesting intentions.

The attunements are a wonderful tool to help me remain in alignment with my Life Path and bring to my awareness the specific areas and chakras where more focus is needed on a daily basis. Listening to the recordings and reading the affirmations aloud puts me in resonance with my deepest wants at a soul level and helps me feel safe and secure as I move towards them. Kari has a magical way of expressing love and care as she simultaneously gifts and reflects these affirmations from the soul.

Lisa Fraley

Life Path Illuminations

From the moment I heard Kari’s angelic voice reading out my affirmations for each chakra, I felt energy flow and a deep sense of peace

Life Path Illuminations are a beautiful offering of personalized affirmations set to deeply relaxing music, which is brainwave entrained!! From the moment I heard Kari’s angelic voice reading out my Life Path affirmations for each chakra, I felt energy flow and a deep sense of peace. I’m so grateful that I have these affirmations infused with Kari’s love, guidance and inspiration in my toolbox and use them (often!) when I write or as a starting point for a meditation. Thank you, Kari, for the illumination of my life path, the grounding, and the love.

Becky Wolford

These healing attunements have all profoundly affected me. The Alpha brainwave recording in particular put me in a state of total flow and magic. I also use the sleep one every night before I go to bed and it puts me in the perfect state for a good night's sleep. These recordings are magic. I highly suggest them to anyone looking for a feeling of centered clarity.

Sara Young

Kari’s voice always makes me feel happy and calm. The affirmations feel so powerful especially when I repeat them out loud as well as silently in my head. I do get somewhat anxious on some of the affirmations that I haven’t owned yet. But the more I repeat them the more I’m able to heal these shadow part of myself and create transformation. I can attest to the attention to detail Kari put into these with heart and soul for each Life Paths. The different variations with brainwave entrainment background music make the even more effective.”

Steph Kang

Kari has imbued these recordings with so much love, and has tailored them so perfectly for my life path. They are beautifully crafted, filled with wonderful energy, and highly effective! The first time I listened to the Creativity & Flow recording, I saw business opportunities open up for me on that very day! The Sweet Dreams recordings are extremely calming and make for a truly restful night’s sleep. I feel so blessed to have these treasures.

Yvette Francis

The Life Path Illuminations have brought me so much joy, inspiration, and peace. It is amazing how aligned these affirmations are with the challenges I have faced emotionally in my life. When I listen to them, I feel like I can see the light out of the darkness, my body becomes filled with energy, and I feel so strong. They have truly empowered me to go through life differently, and they are an amazing resource for helping me to feel good.

Siri Wieringer

Life Path Illuminations

I LOVE love LOVE these healing attunements!! To be honest, I've never stuck with doing affirmations, especially "done for you ones" ... preferring to create my own... However, dayum! These feel SO personal and so POTENT!!

I have been using Kari's Life Path Illuminations daily and they are TRULY extraordinary! I go to sleep listening to them at night and I literally wake up in a different reality!

Karolyn Mckinley


Are the Life Path Illuminations personalized to my Life Path Number, or is it the same for every Life Path Number?

Are the Life Path Illuminations personalized to my Life Path Number, or is it the same for every Life Path Number?
These are personalized to YOUR specific Life Path Number. Each Life Path Number (1-9, 11, 22, and 33) receives a unique set of Life Path Illuminations.

What if someone else hears them who is not my Life Path Number? Will it be harmful for their subconscious?

The Life Path Illuminations will nourish and strengthen your chakras, and reprogram positive beliefs into your subconscious, and will do so for ANYONE who listens to them. They can never harm anyone – they can only benefit anyone who listens to them.

Do I need to know my Life Path Number before I purchase my Life Path Illuminations?

We’ve got you covered! Your Life Path Number will be calculated by us!

Can I play these aloud at home? Will it benefit the people in my environment?

You are welcome to play these aloud for everyone in your family to enjoy. However, to get the maximum benefit, it is ideal for everyone to have the Life Path Illuminations for their specific Life Path Number.

How often do I need to listen to the audios to see results?

Like any changes you want to make in your life, just like exercise – the more you do something, the more results you will see. You can listen to these as much and as often as you like. It is suggested you listen to them at least 30 days in a row. We make it easy for you! There are audios for work, play, sleep, exercise, while your driving…they are incredibly versatile!

What messages are in the subliminal audios?

Your 77 chakra healing attunements are embedded into beautiful nature sounds subliminally. There are no hidden messages in the subliminal audios that are NOT your 77 healing attunements. You’ll receive a PDF of those 77 healing affirmations so you’ll know exactly what messages are in your subliminal recordings.

What is your refund policy?

14-Day Guarantee for Digital Program: Our Commitment
If the Life Path Illuminations program doesn’t resonate with you, we invite you to contact us within 14 days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that supports you to elevate your soul consciousness. Please note, that refunds are not available if you have engaged in a Q&A call that has been given with the package.

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