Let the Stars be Your Guide!

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A magical blend of astrology, numerology, and tarot insights will illuminate your year ahead.

They are sister sciences that have been used since ancient times with precision and remarkable accuracy.

In this in-depth forecast, you will learn the major planetary influences of the year, as well as the numerology and tarot teachers that will guide you.
These divinatory tools will provide profound insight into the spiritual lessons of the year, and help you prepare for inevitable changes.
You will receive a practical and spiritual understanding of the upcoming energies. 
2024 is a year full of many twists and turns. 
In this detailed forecast, you will discover how to stay in alignment with the planetary cycles including the new and full moons, eclipses, and retrogrades. You can have divine timing to maximize the opportunities ahead instead of fighting against the currents of energy. 
You’ll learn the spiritual lessons for each month, and the best times to plan for love, money, career, and success.

I absolutely love the Celestial Guide. It always makes me feel so good. I use the Celestial Guide for new moons, full moons, (gaining insights and the times), retrograde, and understanding the themes in the year. I loved learning about numerology for the year to guide me and felt so inspired from the whole experience.

– Khristee R.


I appreciate the way Kari can correlate Tarot, astrology and numerology in a way that is easily understandable and interesting. I enjoyed learning about how this year’s unique astrology will be influencing everything The information has been inspiring to me because of the theme of the overall climate of change this year. I have appreciated the monthly information that is thorough and also well organized, so easy to relate to.

– Lesa D.


The Celestial Guide is so very well done! It brings light and knowledge about what is coming, and therefore more calm in my life. I feel I can navigate each month more easily. It is also easier for me to let go of challenges that sometimes happened during Mercury retrogrades, knowing that those kinds of things could happen. So instead of being frustrated or trying to fix it, I smile and wait… 😉

– Maria G.

This lushly illustrated guide shows each month’s celestial influences so you can live in harmony with the universal cycles. 

167 page digital pdf download

2024 Celestial Guide & Planner

Your guide to living in harmony with the Universal Cycles.

Included in this planner:

Your Cosmic Compass to Navigate the Year Ahead


Each Month Includes these Page Layouts

2024 Celestial Guide & Planner

Your Month-to-Month Guide for living in harmony with the Universal Cycles
$ 27
One time Payment
  • 2024 Astrological Overview
  • 2024 Numerology Overview
  • Tarot Teachers Reading for 2024
  • 2024 Major Planetary Influences
  • 2024 Lunar Zodiac Reading
  • 2024 Moon Cycle Quick Reference
  • 2024 Eclipses Quick Reference
  • 2024 Year at a Glance Retrogrades
  • 2024 Retrogrades Insights
  • Essential Keys for Happiness in 2024
  • Monthly Sun Sign Horoscope
  • Monthly Astrological Overview
  • MonthLy Numerology Scope
  • Monthly Moon Scopes + Journaling
  • Monthly Journaling Prompts
  • Monthly Tarot Teachers Reading
  • Monthly Mantras & Planning Pages
  • Monthly Calendar - Grid Layout

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$59 $27


This Celestial Guide is blowing my mind! it’s SO HELPFUL!!!! You are such a treasure! This is seriously life-changing. Oh my gosh, you have absolutely outdone yourself! Huge love!!!

– Christy G.

Christine-Lawrence (1)

The guide is so very useful. I refer to it often. Looking at my numerology, one of the themes for me this year was to take a step back and lead a more balanced life. I started to review how much work I had to do personally and started to get colleagues to help and thus improving my self-worth and and happier working life.

– Christine L.


I love my Celestial guide!! It has made me so much more optimistic for my future! I have read the whole thing just trying to get to know myself better and delve into any self-work I need to do to reach my goals! It provided me with a full book all about me, based on my astrology! What a great way to delve into your inner self – a book about you! Thank you so much!

– Elizabeth R.


My celestial guide is my best friend right now! I printed it out and have it sitting on my desk to reference, I will hold on to it forever, it will never get thrown out.

– Amanda D.

Chart your course for the entire year.

You have a celestial map through astrology and numerology, to help you navigate your path forward into the unknown.
When you harmonize to the rhythm of the Universe, you can ride the waves of ease instead of fighting against the tide.

2024 is a year to live your truth and Expand your horizons beyond what you thought possible.

Give yourself the tools to navigate your path toward your destiny

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loved the detailed month-by-month forecast! I feel prepared and confident now that I understand what, when. and how the energies of the year will be showing up. Kari always presents her information in a fun and hopeful way that even the most inexperienced learning can understand.

– Kristin C


Where to begin… The journal planner is an amazing reminder of what’s to come. That’s the key to it all, as an HSP, your guide has helped to steer me through and keep me grounded and positive in what was for most people the worst roller coaster of their lives.

The planner is an essential piece. It’s easy to transfer onto a desktop or tablet calendar, especially the affirmations for each month are all invaluable. 

-Michelle W


Absolutely LOVE Kari going through each month of the year. Kari explains astrology, numerology and tarot in a way that is so understandable and relatable.

Understanding the energy throughout the year, the meaning behind it being our numerology, the tarot cards for the year along with the potentiality of what could arise. I have been planning some of my personal and business dealings around her interpretation of what is happening.

– Carol M.

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